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Enoch Pardee settled in California during the Gold Rush which caused him to make a great fortune. He would become a successful eye doctor, a state assemblyman, a state senator, and would serve as the mayor of Oakland for a number of years. Pardee built this historic house in 1868. His son, George,  would also become an eye doctor and the Governor of California.

George Pardee was the co-founder of the Progressive Party in California, a commissioner of the Port of Oakland, regarded as the “Earthquake Governor” due to his amazing leadership during the tragedy in 1906, and a founder and president of EBMUD, a local water utility. The EBMUD named the Pardee Dam after George. The Pardee Dam is still the main source of water in this area. 

The Pardee Home Museum boasts amazing architecture and beautiful gardens. The museum has two floors of exhibits that show the Pardee family’s bizarre interests. The museum has around 70,000 objects in its collection. The items in these collections are from all over the world, including Alaska, India, China, Africa, and California. Helen Pardee, the Governor Pardee’s wife, loved collecting interesting things and would give people her own house tours.

The spectacular gardens surrounding the Pardee Home Museum in Oakland, California are an amazing sight to see. The gardens have a large variety of beautiful and colorful plants. Admissions to the museum are very affordable and you can even become a member to get free annual tours. Members also receive newsletters year-round about the Pardee Home Museum.

There is also an amazing museum gift shop that is open during all museum events, tours, and teas. The gift shop has a variety of postcards, tote bags, books, and teacup candles! All items in the giftshop are very affordable and all proceeds go to the general upkeep of the Pardee Home Museum. 

You can also sign up for private tea parties that take place in the elegant dining room of the Pardee Home Museum. Private tea parties can also be held in the beautiful gardens outside. The tea parties in the dining room have a minimum of 6 guests and a maximum of 12 guests. The outside tea parties have a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 40 guests. You can enjoy delicious tea with all of your friends and family! Tours of the house are also included with tea parties!

The museum offers drop-in public tours every Saturday at 10:30 am and on the second Sunday of each month at 2:00 pm. You can also set up private tours for your group. Tours are very cheap and informative. The tours will take you through the entire house and you will learn the history of the Pardee family and their home.

The tours walk you through three formal parlors on the main floor, the original three bedrooms, the billiard room, and the curio room on the second floor, and the opportunity of exploring the cupola to admire the amazing views from the top of the Pardee Home.  

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Pardee Home Museum

672 11th St, Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 444-2187